Stoyan Faldjiyski

Program Manager, Education

I started my professional life working in a kindergarten, moved on to the industrial ecology, this and that, and finally found the most exciting of adventures in the immenseness of education, where I navigate rather successfully to this day. In the immenseness of the logical processes shaping human development. This work was in close relation with my studies. Those include a bachelor in industrial management and two masters degrees: in environmental protection and sustainable development and in primary school pedagogy.What guided me in the last 15 years was the need for usefulness. Arriving at life at some point most people would ask the self: how did I get here, what is the purpose of me, how to have the best time possible, while I am here? In answering this person should feel useful, for the self and for the others. Useful in thoughts, in words, in actions and in feeling. This is what I think.

Once I read a thing Albert Einstein said about Mahatma Gandhi: “Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth”. And then I thought, how important this is to be ferryman of such great work, to leave profound and meaningful trace behind you? And I wondered what his guidance was? How to design a world where people live with a mission, look for it, find it and realize it? For the benefit of all.

And so my answer is in education, in our creative ability to add value in human relations, regardless of race, religion and the rest. Education not only as intellectual development and achievement but as elevation of body and spirit. As a bridge to values that bring peace, and stimulate altruistic behaviour and benevolence. Education as the foundation for human survival and functional and healthy ecosystems.

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